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Our Company

Cleaning and Restoration

USA Auto Detail is a nation-wide auto detailing company operating all over the US. We specialize in removing scratches, cleaning inner and outer areas of engines, and cleaning/polishing the rims of tires to leave them looking better than new. We will buff out your vehicle's paint job to give it a newfound kind of class.  

 We can detail any kind of vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats, and SUVs. We love doing this so much we have been in the business for over twenty years.  


 We use only the top-of-the-line buffers, wet/dry vacuums, and carpet stain removers to detail all your vehicles.


You car is an investment, and we want to make it last. We provide recurring detailing packages to ensure your care is protected from time and the elements. Regular cleaning and waxing is proven to extend the look of your car for years to come. 

About Us

Hans Hansen, the founder of USA Auto Detail, was born in San Francisco. Hans moved with his family to Maui, Hawaii, over 25 years ago. Hans received his Gold Star from Missouri Military Academy and attended De Anza College where he was elected senator of the student body made up of over 30,000 students. He is the single father of four girls: Mikalea, Simone, Bethany, and Christina. Hans is dedicated to bringing all his customers the best value for the best work. You can trust Hans with all your auto detailing needs.


– Brian M, Kihei

 I recently moved off  island and when dropping off the car to be shipped at Pasha, they told  me the inside was too dirty and all sand needed to be out.  Good luck  with that I thought, we have a dog who frequented the beach so sand and  salt were crusted on a lot of places.  

I was already off island  but Hans met my friend at his work and did his thing.  Car made it  through Pasha's inspection and onto the boat.  The interior and exterior  both looked incredibly clean when the car got to us and its amazing the  nooks and crannies Hans got to.  Will recommend to anyone who asks me  about the service no doubt. 

– John R, Kihei

 Excellent service, on time- kinda overwhelmed how different my car looks.
Comes to your house, does it all. Hans rules-
Why go anywhere else? Why go anywhere?  

– Jason D, Austin, TX

 My uncle loaned us his  Nissan Titan Crew Cab truck for a week while we were on vacation in  Kihei.  I wanted to return it in clean condition.  So I called USA Auto  Detail since they are a mobile service.  Hans did a great job on the  truck under a very tight time frame.  I have 3 boys and there was not a  speck of sand or dirt in the truck after Hans was done.  He buffed the  exterior and it really did look like a new truck.  Tires and rims were  spotless, and so were the running boards and bumpers.  My uncle was  blown away when we returned the truck.  Highly recommended.